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First meeting
The first meeting is your opportunity to tell us what you would like.  We discuss the financial frame of the project which is based on the specifications of the terrain and the size of the project overall as well as the specific materials, planting, etc.   We discuss with you the style and character you would like for your garden, both now and in terms of how the landscape will look in the future.   We also discuss your specific requirements for materials: for paths, pool, pond and so on, as well as for plants, shrubs and trees … You give us a basic plan of the terrain. 

Second meeting

Based on the information from the first meeting, we produce two alternative ideas for the project.  You choose the idea which suits you the best, make any alterations and, after approval, we move into the working (technical) phase of the project. The client pays 20% of the project in advance.  

Third meeting
We provide the full project documentation: overall concept design; technical specifications; details of paths; plant diagram, details and visualizations; fully quantified account of materials and an explanatory note.  On provision of these documents the remaining balance of the project is paid.